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We are available to assist in any or all phases of a project cycle, including:
  • Analysis and Specification - Putting together a concise Functional Specification is the first step towards a successful implementation of any type. A well-written Functional Specification should include an analysis of the existing system, definition of the proposed system including data flow and component diagrams, and a specification of the interface between the proposed system and existing components. This process should result in a document that can be used for sizing the project, and and a vehicle for obtaining competitive bids. We firmly believe that this is the most important step in the development cycle of any project, and our experts have years of experience in analysing a system and developing an accurate Functional Specification.
  • Design and Architecture - A well designed automation system should be one that is reliable, scalable and easy to operate and control. The HMI should provide valuable information to the production staff enabling them to streamline their workflow and make best use of their resources. Our professional staff has the skill, knowledge and experience to tackle this very important task.
  • Software Development - Software development is a critical task in the evolution of an automation process, which if done improperly, can lead to failures, and eventually, re-design. We believe in doing the job once and doing it the right way. Over the years, we have developed a class framework that has proven itself invaluable in creating well-designed solutions that avoid the common traps often encountered in developing complex systems. These frameworks implement central configuration, scalable network communications, event logging and analysis, statistics gathering, and hierarchical state machines. This enables us to build a system from existing generalized components in as short a timeframe as possible.
  • Integration - Often times, an automation project involves many hardware or software vendors, all making the claim that their components function as designed. What often is overlooked until the last minute is enabling components to interface with each other, with the Business Application, or with the Real-time processes. We at Copperline have over 60 combined years of experience of successfully integrating a wide range of components into functional systems.
  • Implementation - We consider the implementation phase to include extensive system and volume testing, preparation for turn-over, and post turn-over onsite and remote support. Paramount to our success is carrying out successful, trouble-free implementations.
  • Documentation and Training - We can provide both online and hardcopy documentation to support our products. In addition, a training program tailored to the specific needs of the customer can be arranged.
  • Followup Support - A critical aspect of a functional automation process is the ability to provide timely resolution of problems that may arise. Our experience is that designing into a system as much data collection, statistics and logging as possible facilitates this process. We take pride in our ability to use our sophisticated analytical tools to perform problem analysis and resolution. Our promise is that no problem will go unresolved.

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